The idea of Origine was born in early 2020, before the global pandemic, when the 3 founders - 3 Italian digital technology professionals - met in Milan for an aperitivo and realized they were all suffering from headaches and eye-strain after working all day in front of a computer screen.

They started investigating the problem and the potential solutions, and found out about blue-light blocking glasses. They bought a few pairs from different online brands, but were never satisfied with the quality. After a quick research, the picture of the blue-light blocking glasses industry was clear: most of the products on the market were manufactured with low cost labour in developing countries, mostly in South-East or Far East Asia. 

Growing up in Italy means developing a taste for elegance and beauty, and a need for high quality products. This mindset combined harmoniously with their view of life and work focused on digital technology and innovations, and boom: the idea of Origine was born.

After the success of our anti blue-light glasses, we received a lot of requests from our first customers that liked the product so much and would have loved to own some Origine sunglasses as well. So we extended our production line to the ultimate fashion product.

Italian glasses, 100% made in Italy in the glasses manufacturing district North of Milan, following a centuries old tradition and using the highest quality materials available. The design is made to perfectly fit all face shapes and all genders, and it's made to be noticed but without drawing too much attention on the accessory. The lenses are made of high quality glass, resistant to scratches and light damages. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about this and about our story, you can contact us at store@origine-eyewear.com.