Origine screen glasses

Protect your eyes

100% Made in Italy

Centuries old tradition

Why screen glasses?

We spend most of our awake time in front of a screen. In front of our computers or tablets while working and in front of our TVs or smartphones while "resting" at home.

You can even check how much time you spend in front of your devices following this useful guide.

All these devices are emitting harmful blue light, which is dangerous for your eyes as it causes headaches, eye-strain and can affect negatively your sleep patterns.

There are two ways of protecting yourself from blue light: you can either stop using all those devices and go back to a 19th century lifestyle, or you can filter out the harmful light using a pair of screen glasses.

And if you're looking for the highest quality screen glasses, 100% hand-crafted in the ancient glasses manufacturing cluster of Northern Italy, you need to get a pair of Origine screen glasses!

Style and elegance, 100% made in Italy

Glasses were born in Italy seven centuries ago. Italian craftsmen have been manufacturing glasses since then, using the finest materials, improving their art with time and passing their knowledge to their children. They set up small, family owned companies that lasted centuries.

Today, in Northern Italy, there are still a few districts dedicated to the art of manufacturing glasses, where these small, family-owned companies are thriving.

That is where our Origine glasses are born. Handcrafted in the traditional way, in the glasses district North of Milan. With the finest materials, and the Milanese care for details and sense of beauty. Like glasses were made back at the origins. It's Origine.